ISO 27005: How is confidential client and employee information safeguarded?

When you disclose your organization confidential information to people outside your organization, having a non-disclosure agreement in place is a good policy to have, never be complacent when it comes to dealing with confidential information or think you can rely solely on a non-disclosure agreement to protect you. More than that, potentially identifiable information refers to information that is coded and may easily be translated into identified information.

As an employer, you have a responsibility to secure the private information you keep in your files about your employees, ensure that only authorized individuals are able to to view or handle confidential information. To say nothing of, ensuring the security of information with respect to its confidentiality, integrity and availability while dealing with third parties, contractors or external organizations.

Private Risk

Equipment processing confidential information should be protected to minimize the risk of information leakage due to electromagnetic emanation, high levels of information security are required to ensure integrity and confidentiality, also, your organization, employees and stakeholders have the right to expect that private information is protected.

Unauthorized Business

Knowing that your information is safeguarded in the right way by your operational partner enables you to do business with confidence, you are committed to ensuring that all information is safeguarded from loss, unauthorised access or misuse whether that information is owned by you or your organization, by the same token, unauthorized disclosure of the information constitutes a loss of confidentiality.

Firstly, the employer has to consider whether the employee understands the rules and the seriousness of breaching confidential information, organization data, data confidentiality entails the protection of sensitive information from unauthorized users, also, your organization can implement safeguarding measures that involve employee biometrics as long as that information is properly safeguarded.

Logical Management

With the increasing significance of information technology, there is an urgent need for adequate measures of information security, before requesting confidential information, consider the purpose of your request and whether you need the information, also, cut down on the potential for internal security breaches by putting logical access control, management in place for your business partners.

Same Cyber

Educate employees on security and privacy issues for creating a cyber secure working environment, privileged information should be disseminated as little as possible, even by employees within the same organization. Also, participants must possess a basic understanding of networks, operating systems and information security.

Confidential Process

Information about performance reviews should only be made available to the employee, the manager and the human resources organization, including the status of process management according to current legislation, standards e.g. To summarize, can an employer deter the employee and new employer from using its confidential information.

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